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GNOME SlackBuild (GSB)

GNOME SlackBuild (GSB) - a GNOME distribution for Slackware Linux

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GNOME SlackBuild v3.2 is a complete GNOME Desktop Environment for Slackware Linux v13.37, encompassing all the needed packages for a full, clean installation of GNOME for Slackware. It aims to provide a fully functional desktop, including a wide range of multimedia, graphics, and development tools, as well as a complete networking and office suite.


News and Announcements:

GSB 3.2 on servers now

Posted 2011/12/26 @ 14:03 BST

GSB/GSB64 3.2 for Slackware 13.37 are now up on servers and MIRRORS. Upgrading from previous 2.30 and 3.0 versions to 3.2 should be seamless. This version is quite solid now, but we're going to continue to maintain it, so if you find any bugs, please do let us know.

You can follow updates by looking at our ChangeLog.

GSB 3.0 (GNOME 3.0.0) -current available

Posted 2011/04/11 @ 17:03 BST

GNOME 3.0 has been released and GSB has been updated accordingly. gsb-3.0-current and gsb64-3.0-current now includes all the latest stable packages from GNOME upstream, and we're still working hard to iron out all the bugs. It's a working desktop, so users who are on the cutting edge and running slackware-current, give it a try and help us out by reporting bugs and offering suggestions. :-)

GSB 3.0 (GNOME 2.91.93) -current available

Posted 2011/03/25 @ 20:02 BST

With a full release of Slackware 13.37 coming up quickly, we are working hard to get a new GNOME 3.0 Desktop ready for it. A good portion of the pieces are in place now, but we've still got lots to do before we're finished with accessibility toolkits, upgrading to latest GNOME office applications, and finishing off a Metacity desktop option for those users who aren't quite ready yet for the swanky new GNOME Shell desktop.

Remember that this is a development version of GNOME, as well as GSB so that things are bound to be broken or as yet incomplete. Help would be greatly appreciated in the form of testing and bug reports. Always make sure you're running the most up-to-date Slackware-current and gsb-current since things are still changing.

There are three new screenies available for viewing consumption. Take a look at what's coming soon!

GSB 3.0 Dash

GSB 3.0 Application Browser

GSB 3.0 Desktop

GSB 3.0 (GNOME 2.91.91) for -current under development

Posted 2011/03/07 @ 21:45 BST

We are working hard to get a GNOME 2.91.91 beta release ready for testing on Slackware-current. We will be releasing in a short time a working GNOME Shell desktop for Slackware-current for curious users to try out and report bugs and help both us package the new GNOME desktop as well as helping upstream development.

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